((RELEASE)) FLOAT SPA is North Idaho's first dedicated float spa, offering a private sensory deprivation experience.  Imagine a full 60 minutes free from everyday stress and distractions.  

We offer three full-size float suites, all with custom float cabins with built-in cathedral ceilings, star-lights and music.  Each room is a private, luxurious suite, with its own private shower and sensory deprivation cabin.  You are in complete control of your experience!


Each cabin is filled with about 250 gallons of water, which is about 10 inches of water, and over 1000 pounds of Epsom salt.  The tremendous amount of Epsom salt creates an environment in which one floats effortlessly, allowing all muscles to relax and one to experience a gravity-free environment.

Once a session begins and you are floating effortlessly, you may enjoy 5-10 minutes of music as the beginning of your session.  By the time the music ends, the body feels a sensation of nothingness as the water and air are artfully crafted to match the temperature of skin.  The body melts in to the water leaving one wondering where the water begins and ends.  There in begins the float experience at ((RELEASE)) FLOAT SPA.



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