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Elevate your wellness journey

((Release)) Monthly Membership 

  • Includes one 60 minute float session per month for $49

  • Additional floats are $45

  • Complementary birthday float

  • Float Credits can be shared

  • Massage Chair Session with every float appointment (optional and must be scheduled separately)

  • Complimentary extra float time when schedule allows (i.e. extending 60 min float to 90 minutes)

  • Combine two float credits for a two hour float session (upon request)

  • Unused float credits rollover each billing cycle and have a 3 year expiration while membership is active

  • 3 month commitment, after which you can pause or cancel anytime 

Why Float Regularly?


Embark on a journey of regular floating at Release Float Spa and discover a sanctuary where gravity yields to serenity. Our meticulously designed float tanks, laden with 1,200 pounds of premium Epsom salt, offer an unparalleled experience of effortless buoyancy. Immerse yourself in the skin-receptor-neutral 95-degree water, where the boundary between body and water dissolves into a seamless union.

Beneath the waterline, your ears find refuge from the outside world in our sound-insulated tanks. Embrace the stillness, shutting the door to your preferred comfort level and immersing yourself in total darkness. Personalize your float journey with a serene blue underwater light, a starry skylight, or complete darkness.

Our well-ventilated rooms ensure a continuous flow of fresh air, enhancing the tranquility and security of your experience. A cascade of extraordinary benefits unfolds as the external world fades away during your regular floats.

Free yourself from the constant pull of gravity and sensory input as your mind is liberated, releasing dopamine and endorphins. Simultaneously, your body luxuriates in a state of profound rest, stress relief, and healing.

Maintaining a regular floating practice opens the door to sustained well-being, heightened creativity, and a rejuvenated sense of self. Brace yourself for a transformative experience that becomes an essential part of your self-care routine.

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